How much do sessions cost?

There is no fee for the sessions but we do ask for a donation if you are able.

You can give whatever you are comfortable with.



How many sessions will I need?

That depends on a lot of factors - the nature of your concern, your current health, your response to the healing and more. Your healer will help you to be aware of progress being made and you may need several sessions, or only a couple.

Is this a religious organisation?

No, it isn't.

The healers and Sylvan's clients who visit the sanctuary have a variety of religious affiliations, or none at all and there is no expectation of religious belief.

That said, you may want to include your own religious belief in the healing process and we will facilitate that wherever possible.

An open mind to healing is all that is required and all that will ever be asked for.

(Registered Charity, Registration No 286004)



Can you promise a cure?

We wish we could, but no. As with all healing, we can help but illness and death are part of the life cycle and are inevitable.

What we can do is help to prevent illness, alleviate pain and suffering and, in cases of terminal illness, we help to make the passing a calmer, more accepted and natural experience.

What will the healing feel like?

Almost everyone feels relaxed and peaceful during and after their healing. Some people feel a release of tension and emotion and may shed a few tears. Some feel uplifted and experience a great clarity of thought. Many people feel heat, cool or energy from the healer’s hands, often particularly in the areas of the body where their complaints lie.



How long does each session take?

The amount of time needed for healing varies according to what is needed.

A single session is typically around 15 – 20 minutes. You will also want a few minutes to sit quietly before and after your healing, as this increases the benefits of your session.

How often will I need to go?

This will depend on your needs - and your schedule! Sometimes it is important to have some time between sessions; other times, sessions close together give better results.

Your healer will be able to advise you on this after an initial session.



Will my information be kept private?


We keep your data and details private in the same way a doctor's office does. We don't share it with anyone, and we don't talk about it with others.

Can healing do me any harm?

No. The healer’s touch will be light – no deep massage or manipulation is used and neither do we prescribe medication. Very occasionally someone may feel a very temporary changing or worsening of symptoms as healing energy works on the body.



Do I need to do anything myself, or does it just happen?

To some degree, it will just happen, but there are things you can do to improve the results, and your healer will help you to know what they are.

These could include increasing your water intake, taking regular, gentle exercise (if you are well enough), finding time to completely relax your body via deep breathing and peacefulness, ways to achieve a more positive attitude – all common sense approaches to improve your well being.

It is entirely up to you how much you do.

What kind of complaints can be helped by this kind of healing?

We are aware of no type of disease that cannot be aided in some way by healing.

Our visitors seek help for cancer and chemotherapy recovery, drug addiction, skeletal, muscular and nerve problems, gut complaints, Parkinson’s disease, gynaecological complaints, headaches, and more. Stress related complaints are common, and we also help with bereavement, anxiety, and panic attacks.



How many treatments will I need?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone responds to healing differently.

Some experience profound improvements within a very few sessions. Others require long-term help, perhaps noticing subtle improvements over many months. People with chronic problems, like back pain, find that they benefit from receiving healing weekly or bi-weekly on an ongoing basis.

If you have concerns about this, speak to your healer; there might be things you can do to aid in the healing and speed up your recovery.

Can I become a Healer?

In short, yes, you probably can.

The process is not a short one. It can take a year or more before you will be treating people, and at least two years before you will be doing any work on your own.

If you're serious about it though, and you want to learn how to help people in this way, talk to your healer about training at the Sylvan Healing Centre.

You can also learn more here, or by contacting us.


If you have a question for us,

please don't hesitate to send it in through the Contact Us page.