The following comments have been drawn from the Sylvan Healing Centre's visitors' book.

(Note, many visitors refer to the Sylvan Healing Centre as 'The Sanctuary.')

I’m sixteen now and free of all of the problems to be mentioned, but throughout my childhood I struggled in the process of making friends, and argued constantly with my parents, perhaps as a result of the troubles I was having at school. This led to me feeling constantly anxious. I found the Sanctuary to be a haven, secluded from the outside world and truly calming, alleviating the struggles - temporarily or permanently. Without sounding cliched, it is a different experience for each person who comes with different issues and reasons, but the constant is the undeniable benefit that a visit has. The healing is like a massage (a free massage), allowing one to disconnect, relax, and feel better about their problems. While I may not have seen the advantages as a stubborn child, I can see them clearly now, so I would recommend the Sanctuary to anyone, again regardless of their reasons or problems. Finally, please also do not feel ashamed to ask for help, as I was - the ‘healers’ are non-judgemental and keep any conversations confidential, as well as the fact that there is never a reason to feel ashamed; each and every one of us experiences difficult times during our lives which are nothing to feel embarrassment about. To summarise - this is a truly beneficial service, which I would recommend to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or reason. ✩✩✩✩✩ 

“This week I had my one year 'all clear' from cancer. I owe my strength and determination to all the wonderful healers - they gave me the will to carry on, even in the dark early days”

“I remember walking into The Sanctuary and feeling….. the peaceful atmosphere. My son was ill, very thin, quiet, withdrawn, recovering from a major operation…. Nine months later he is well, growing, putting on weight and is now a boisterous boy”

“When I came to The Sanctuary I was very sceptical. Then I found that my knee, which had hurt for many months, suddenly eased - the pain has gone”

“I so look forward to my weekly visit to The Sanctuary. The relief and comfort I get is wonderful”

“It was a most wonderful experience to come to this clinic. Many thanks to all those who helped me overcome my bereavement”

“Apart from the wonderful physical help I have received, the emotional guidance has changed my whole life. I will always be extremely grateful”

"Absent healing was requested for Mr..... To let all know that he recovered from a threatening thrombosis and his other condition stabilised. Thank you so much for your help"

"Amazing healing. After two car crashes I have been in pain for almost seven weeks. Not only did the pain go after a healing session, but feel that something has been lifted from my life and for the first time in a long time, feel spiritually happy and refreshed"

"I bought my lovely mother to the Sanctuary every week throughout her terminal illness. She and I gained such comfort and strength from those visits without which I don't think we would have coped. My mother looked forward to coming and it was only here that she found peace"

"So many thanks to Spirit. My daughter was so very, very ill last month and it can only be thanks to healing that her recovery has been so speedy - faster than we could possibly have imagined. Thank you"

"My grandson was born with six major heart defects. His life so far has been filled with seeing doctors and he spent six months in a kind of limbo after the last operation. Spirit were working on him - of that I have no doubt. A breakthrough occurred and he is now lively, filled with joy and progressing well. I cannot thank Spirit enough"

"I feel so much lighter, calmer and happier. Coming here changes my mood, resolves my problems and takes away the mental, physical and emotional pains. Thank you so much"

"I would like to say a big thank you to all at the Sanctuary for turning my life around. I was a total wreck, both emotionally and physically. I'm now able to tackle anything that comes my way"

"I have been coming for healing for a number of years.......on 30th March my healing seemed to be on a completely different level..... It seemed that something came out of my body.... I left so much calmer and at peace"

"Having the healing sessions has helped me deal with the stress in my life and the feeling of peace envelops me for the whole week"

"I returned to the healing Sanctuary after suffering ME-like symptoms for several months. In the three weeks I have been coming, my symptoms have gone and I feel a lot calmer and happier. I never thought I'd be able to recover so quickly"

"I was diagnosed with emphysema and bronchitis and life became a battle. Then I found the Sanctuary in the strangest way. My weekly visits are joyful. I just had the most wonderful news - that my lungs had improved considerably - quite unheard of"

"Healing at the Sanctuary has been my salvation. My experience last week was just wonderful. I felt so poorly on arrival but after my healing, I felt completely renewed. Just amazing"

"I experienced such great stress with only one hour's sleep in ten days and tinnitus in my ears every night. It was so loud that at one point I roamed the streets at 3 a.m. I understood how people could commit suicide and was close to collapse with exhaustion. I came for one healing session and the tinnitus all but disappeared. I have been able to sleep now""

"Thank you for the healing that you gave my mother. It had a wonderful effect on her Parkinson's Disease and she was free from shaking for days after healing each week"