Healing energy can be passed through a healer to the recipient. We believe that this power does not originate from the healer, who is simply an instrument, or conduit, through which the healing energy is passed to the recipient.

This power is known by different names, including 'universal life force', 'natural energy', 'life energy' and others. Its object is to help ease all health problems, whether mental, physical or emotional, by bringing about harmony between these elements of the individual. It can help to treat existing physical and emotional health problems and to prevent potential ones.

The manner in which this healing power is passed from the healer to the recipient varies and you can choose the method that best suits your needs and temperament. Your healer can help you to determine this if you wish to have some guidance in that decision.

Hands On Healing

The healing power of physical human touch has been known for millennia and in our world of digital interaction and global travel, may be more important and effective than ever before.

Absent Healing

Absent, or distance, healing is the sending of this same power through the healer via thought rather than through the hands of the healer. Absent healing can be a powerful, effective source of healing over any distance.

Before requesting absent healing for anyone, please seek their permission.

Healing for the Terminally ill

Where illness is terminal, as, inevitably, it must sometimes be, this type of healing can be of great benefit to provide pain relief, create peace of mind and a state of acceptance and understanding of what is to come.

Healing can also aid and support the act of passing. 


A safe place to be... and to be still.

Our minds and bodies naturally seek a healthful state and will send us messages to help us to achieve this. The faster and more hectic life gets, though, the harder these can be to hear. Sometimes all we need is a quiet place to listen.

The centre is a calm, quiet, non-judgmental place where you can sit in peace and stillness. Mobile phones are turned off at the door and you can leave the outside world behind you for a little while and look inward.

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