The Sylvan Healing Centre is a registered charity (No 286004) that provides emotional and physical healing on its own or as a supplement and support to other medical treatment.

There are currently eight experienced healers working at the Sylvan Healing Centre, as well as our valued receptionists who help keep the place running.

Each person who works at the centre has a different background and experience, but each is trained in healing over a substantial period of time to ensure that the best available care is provided to those who come to us.

Here are the bios for a few of the people providing and supporting healing at the centre right now.

Lynne Fischer

I have been involved with the centre for thirty-seven years, the first two years as a patient and the rest as a healer.

When I first walked into the centre I had such a sense of knowing it was right for me in every way. The healing I received helped me so much that I knew I wanted to give something back. To be able to be used to give healing is the most humbling experience. The feeling that you get when a client says they have improved is the best reward.

I am so grateful to be doing the work.

Michelle Spencer

I came to the centre more than twenty-five years ago, first for healing for myself. I entered a different world and knew immediately that this was where I needed to be.

The help that I was given - and the subsequent training to become a healer - changed my life, and I feel blessed to be part of the centre.

As you enter its doors there is a sense of peace and acceptance found in very few other places. The healers are kind and empathetic, gentle and non-judgemental and it is wonderful to see how each patient receives the help they need.

Jacky Slater

I first visited the centre in 1985 following a bereavement and found the healing to be wonderfully calming and exactly what I needed. I continued to receive healing for some years and was pleased to be asked if I would help there as a receptionist. I was delighted to volunteer my time and to repay the centre for the years of healing I have received.

I still enjoy my role there and regularly look forward to going in. I consider it a privilege to work with the selfless people who make Sylvan the wonderful healing centre that it is.

Geoff Rhodes

I have been at the centre for about twelve years, after about forty years of various forms of involvement in other areas. My role as a healer here is to help and comfort those who are in need of care and  love.

I recognise the gift that has been afforded me, the opportunity to help people smile again with less pain, and that my connection to spirit strengthens my belief that love can continue to conquer the problems of the world.

Rosalie Owens

Sixteen years ago, I came for healing at the centre. I found it very helpful, restful and at times wondrous. Then thirteen years ago I became a receptionist, which I have enjoyed doing. It’s most rewarding to meet new clients, to help them to feel comfortable, and to explain what the centre does. Then to see them go in for healing with a little apprehension and emerging looking different, glowing and energized... It’s lovely to see.

The centre is always there, come rain or shine. No expectations, just love and healing, and if you are away for a time, we are always there to welcome you back. It is a very special place.

Craig Rebuck

I first came to the sanctuary thirty years ago, searching for answers to questions. In hindsight I don’t think I even knew what the questions were. I was invited to join, and to learn to be a healer.

Little by little, I immersed myself into understanding. I learned to be with the energy that is channeled through a healer, whilst at the same time supporting and being with people experiencing complex and often life-threatening illnesses. These people  would come to the healing centre in search of their own answers to where they were in life.

It has been an amazing journey to be part of the constantly evolving and deeply humbling work that takes place at the centre, and I feel privileged to be able to be a constant support to so many people.

Cheryl Jacobson

Now nearing my seventies, I have been a healer at Sylvan for almost thirty years. I first received training from two of Sylvan’s founders and other experienced healers. During this time, I learned to have an awareness of healing energy and how it can be administered to support and heal. Eventually, I was ready to work alone.

I had an awareness of energy healing from a young age, as my mother was a healer and there was also a thread of spiritual interest running back through generations on her family side. Because of my mother, I grew up feeling that what is generally thought of as paranormal is actually perfectly normal!

I find the work at Sylvan fascinating and rewarding. We healers meet such a wide variety of people with so many different needs, be they physical, mental or spiritual. For so many to say how much their personal situations have improved following their healing is a constant joy. I do hope to be working as a healer for a long time to come.

Suzanne Bourne

I first visited The Sylvan Healing Centre around thirty-five years ago, as a patient, and found the healing together with the atmosphere of peace and calm truly beneficial. Having benefited myself and seen the positive results around me I felt that I would like to train as a healer in order to give other people the support and hands on healing that I had experienced.

The healing work has truly been a remarkable journey together with meeting our patients and seeing them improve over time is also very rewarding for all. The centre is for me a very special place.

Pam Melvillle

I trained as a healer twenty-five years ago, after a year of coming to the centre while grieving the loss of two family members.

I found the healing I received hugely beneficial and it helped me to navigate the huge range of emotions I experienced. Healing gave me a wonderful sense of serenity , strength and focus . It helped me feel whole and at peace with myself.

I have worked in many healing centres and charities as a healer, and the Sylvan Healing Centre is now my 'healing home.'

Nicole Herbert

I have been working in the centre for just over twenty years now. I was lead there due to my own ill health and have since been on my own healing journey.

My role within the centre is as a receptionist. I meet patients for the first time, welcoming them and making them feel as comfortable as possible before they have their healing session. I am available for any questions they may have about healing or any other matters relating to it.

I feel privileged to work and be part of the Sylvan Healing Centre and to be able to meet and help others. I appreciate the genuine and deep care for humanity which runs through all aspects of the centre. I enjoy listening to others and contributing in some way to their well-being and health.

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